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"I feel like this is going to be a great conversation piece for years to come! The topics are relevant and real! I felt like I was watching a talk show with special guests. Actually, I'm sure that's next!!!" - LaShawn Franklin

"Loved the book. Lots of good information. I highly recommend this book.  I read it in two days. Yes, it was just that good!!!"- Amazon Customer review

Praise for Love Conversations!

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Book Summary

Sylvia L. Daniels Ray’s Love Conversations: Christian Perspectives about Love and Relationships is truly a treasure map that guides you through the path of safety in relationships and opens your mind to stay connected with your partners, even in the face of challenges. She explains why we encounter challenges in our relationships, and also provides ideas for winning the game of love. She dives into how we can make our love and relationships flourish again. This book will definitely inspire readers to rediscover themselves and to see the loopholes that need to be blocked in order to have a more fruitful life - no matter what your relationship status is.  “Love Conversations” is flavored with real-life stories from a variety of people who have gone through the thick and thin of relationships. You only need to sit back and relax as Sylvia takes you on the journey of exploring how to live your God-given life. Though Sylvia certainly talks from a Christian perspective, this book isn't "churchy" or "preachy". It's accessible and honest!  She bets you’ll be inspired to think differently as you explore your love conversations. This book comes highly recommended!

"A great read and it is definitely an attention keeper.  Sylvia writing this book makes one look internally and answer the tough questions that many of us did or didn't answer.  Love Conversations will enlighten and illuminate your relationship dynamics.  I enjoyed reading it." -  Anton B. Lewis

​​"This is a must read. Sylvia's book gives perspectives of women and men. She is transparent about emotional scars left behind in a relationship. You will laugh, tear up and be challenged to live your best life! " - Tony Schackelford
"It made me think, it touched my heart, and even laugh out loud.  If you're interested in learning more about healthy romantic relationships, and you appreciate real talk, this is the book you need. You will not be disappointed" - K. Nicole Reese

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​​​"I really loved this book and all of the different love conversation perspectives. I enjoyed reading it with my husband of 42 years and discovered the discussion questions in the back of the book sparked delightful, fun debates and interests. I'm sure you'll be inspired by Love Conversations, I most certainly was!" - Vickie L. 
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