Sylvia L. Daniels

Author & Publisher

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"Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers" - Issac Asimov

​For as long as I can remember, a pen and paper were my favorite instruments for expressing my thoughts. With a pen and paper (or a keyboard), I could write about the nuances of life that made me sad, happy or caused my heart to sing.  Yes - I'd say writing has always been my thing!

I enjoy it most when I combine my love for writing with my love for good relationships. In fact, I'd say creating good connections is what's most important in life. Whenever I spend time with my children, when I'm laughing with family and friends or just enjoying random conversations with new people I meet, I feel I'm being my best "me".  

I wrote my first book,  Love Conversations because I want readers to hear real talk about being single, married, dating and even divorced from a variety of viewpoints. I want readers to be inspired to live powerful and fulfilling lives no matter their marital status.  ​


Real talk about being single, married, dating and even divorced!


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